I know I should

But I don’t always say what you want me to say

I know I could

But I don’t always act like everything’s okay.


Somehow I’ll show you,
that you are my night sky.
I’ve always been right behind you,
now I’ll always be right beside you..

So, this was on my desktop.. I don’t even remember writing this! :D

I need to get a job I think, haven’t worked a single day in my life yet though. It’s not that I don’t want to, but I guess it’s just ‘normal’. The fact that it would help my mom is nice though! Heck I’m 27, live at home, and I’m ugly and fat..

Go me. Pfff, not to freaking mention that I’ve been crazy in love with this girl for, like what, almost 4 years now? Whom doesn’t even like me more than as a friend, and I don’t give a f*ck because she’s worth every single second I spent with her and the tears I’ve shed. And hey, holding it all in isn’t bad when it feels kinda good to let it go at night.. Oh well, don’t even know why I’m writing all of this down (Yep, I don’t.. xD), it’s not like anyone would give a crap anyways. Can’t blame them, I’m sure you heard it all before. But yeah, I know I won’t be able to just let it all go and forget her.

Because she’s by far the best out there! And don’t tell me “There are many fish in the sea blabla” because she’s the one I’d do anything for. I honestly fell in love the moment I heard her voice, yes, her voice. I didn’t know how she looked like at first. I was just… sold. So cliche, whatever! It’s still the truth.. So no, thank you!

Call it corny or whatever you like, but I just know. I’m also the type of guy that tries to keep a smile while slowly crumbling on the inside… (When the heck did I write this..) Dramatic much? Meh, sometimes. I mean, I don’t break down that easy, but some night when all alone and listening to great music (mostly sad, but great still) I get visited by these little cute rainbow coloured ponies who wanna take–

I mean, I do start to think about things and it doesn’t end so well sometimes. Feels nice to do so once in a while though, crying that is for the slow ones under us. Who is myself occasionally but since I’m the one writing this, yeah.. What was I talking about before? Oh working, yeah..

Maybe I should, not like that would change things though. I might be more exhausted than I already was the last weeks.. Oh well, we’ll see I guess. *Sigh* I love you, still. ❤